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Introducing Wink Panels
Corrugated Wall Design

A revolutionary concept inspired by the resilience of shipping containers against extreme forces.

Homes of Steel

Experience supreme style and safety with 100% Steel Homes by Wink Panels. Unlike typical steel structures, our homes are fully customizable, allowing you to choose any exterior and interior finishes. Built with Solid Steel Walls, Ceilings, and Roof, you will get all of the protection against tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes, while retaining the look of a traditional home.

Joined Corrugated Panel

Metal studs added to both side panels
to fit standard spacing.

Why Choose Steel Homes by Wink Panels

Exceptional Strength & Resilience

Traditional modular designs have limitations in wind resistance, as they are often rated up to 140 mph. The strength of the walls depends on the materials used, such as 16-gauge steel studs, which cannot provide adequate support against swirling winds and updrafts.

Wink Panels* revolutionize the building industry by drawing inspiration from the resilience of shipping containers against extreme forces. This groundbreaking concept utilizes the strength of corrugated shapes to reinforce walls in different building designs, offering exceptional advantages and solutions for future challenges compared to existing modular designs.

Our design incorporates corrugated shapes that provide exceptional strength, allowing the walls to withstand high wind pressures (190 mph plus). Additionally, we reinforce the building by placing corrugated walls inside the structure at 45 to 90-degree angles to the exterior walls. We anchor the walls to the foundation using various fasteners, glues, welded or bolts, ensuring superior strength against high winds and uplift forces, and keeping the walls securely in place.

*Patent Pending

Experience the Difference

Revolutionary Wink Panels Design

Top & Bottom Support Plates


Seamless Coninuous Panels

Integrated Ceiling & Roof Panels

Container-like Strength

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Security. Strength. Reliability

Our innovative solutions aim to elevate you above potential dangers, offering a robust defense.

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